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Across the Tracks

With our film Across the Tracks I have the opportunity to seek out and share a new adventure, new experiences, and a new understanding, through the people and music we encounter. I believe music inspects the essence of our being in an unexplained fashion and holds great power in its transcendence.  As we delve into our journey of the American spirit, I invite you to join in on our discoveries as we explore the harmonic connection and wonderment that music touches throughout all humanity.

There is something so honest and compelling about this music that I feel it needs a wider audience.  I am determined to document this musical culture. Our production will travel across America by train and foot from Seattle to New York over a period of 15 days. The footage assembled will be simple, strong performances that stand alone, without the glitz associated with the music industry. Across the Tracks will include a broad variety of interviews, musical performances, and our journey across the United States seeking out these musicians.